Earthquake survival kits and other disaster survival kits wholesale

Disaster emergency survival kit content checklist

by on Feb.08, 2014, under earthquake survival kits

As a professional manufacturer of first aid kits and survival kits from China, FIRSTAR offers you top quality disaster emergency survival kit with cheap price.  disaster emergency survival kit Our contents checklist of FS-096 survival kit are:
01 Emergency Rescue Blanket 2 pcs
02 Emergency Rain Poncho 1pc
03 Multifunction Campers Knife 1pc
04 Flashlight with Battery 1pc
05 Emergency Candle 1pc
06 Safety Match 1 box
07 Whistle 1pc
08 Compass 1pc
09 Duck Tape 1pc
10 12 hour Lightstick 2 pcs
11 Adhesive Bandage 20 pcs
12 Gauze Dressing 2 pcs
13 Scissors 1pc
14 Forceps 1pc
15 Wet Wipes 4 pcs
16 Mask 2 pcs
17 Safety Vest 1pc
18 Tape 1 pc
19 Alcohol Wipes 6 pcs
20 Emergency Rations 2 pkts
21 Emergency Drink Water 4 pkts
22 Gloves 2 pairs
23 Safety Pin 10 pcs
24 Bandage 2 rolls
25 Water Purification Tablet 2 pkts
26 Rucksack / Backpack 1pc

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Facing earthquake with a disaster survival kit

by on Feb.08, 2014, under earthquake survival kits

If you are having a disaster survival kit handy, it will be very helpful for you at times if you face natural disasters like earthquake or typhoon. You should keep yourself mentally prepared that what you can do at this situation. Few items are so common that every person would recommend keeping that in the survival kit, but few varies.Water, food,first aid suppplies and first aid kit are needed.

disaster survival kit

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Earthquake first aid kit will get you survive

by on Jan.16, 2014, under earthquake survival kits

Being ready to face an accident without any hints can be difficult at times especially huge emergencies like earthquake or typhoon. However, be sure that you are in a possession of a well-made earthquake survival kit with food,water and earthquake first aid kit at all times, your survive can be much easier.

earthquake first aid kit

FIRSTAR provides different kinds of survival kits and first aid kit, all you need  to do is to click to find out a suitable one.

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Earthquake survival kit with all necessary survive contents

by on Jan.08, 2014, under earthquake survival kits

The earthquake survival kit FS-096 contains total total 71 pcs of first aid items.

The backpack is waterproof.

Wanna know what are in it? Click to learn.

earthquake survival kit

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Stock earthquake emergency kits at home

by on Dec.26, 2013, under earthquake survival kits

Earthquake emergency kits Earthquake emergency kits must be stocked at home like general family first aid kits. Especially those people live in the earthquake zones. If you want to keep yourself save from earthquake and its upcoming drawback, you need to keep a well-stock earthquake survival kit. When earthquakes and other natural disasters really happen,using earthquake kit can fight againt time before resuers reach.

Buy such an emergency kit with the most competitive price from

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Essentials in the earthquake kit

by on Nov.23, 2013, under earthquake survival kits

There are something you must absolutely packed in the earthquake kit.(1)food and water.(2)flashlights, first aid supplies which include ointments, creams, and bandages, buying a earthquake first aid kit is ok.(3)Some kinds of  communication devices with extra batteries. earthquake kitsMajority of the people who living in areas where earthquakes are happening very frequently prepare more than one kit handy.You should buy at least one. Got now from with cheap price.

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how I pack my earthquake survival kit

by on Oct.16, 2013, under earthquake survival kits

August, 2008, 80,000 people die from Wenchuan earthquake; April 2010, 3,000 people die from Yushu earthquake; April, 2013, 200 people die from Ya’an earthquake, Only in the past five year, there are so many people die from earthquake in China. No even to mention the people hurt, disappear from it. It can be said that living in China is dangerous. I prepare many kinds of outdoor first aid kit in my house, I will tell you about my earthquake survival kit today.earthquake survival kit

  • I buy a special reflective bag to pack all the supplies, the bag is waterproof and dustproof.
  • High-frequency whistle: use it for asking help.
  • Emergency candle: lightweight, can burn 3 to 4 hours.
  • Wind-tight, water-tight matches, can get fire when outdoor.
  • Multi-function flashlight: Recharge the cellphone; Listen to the radio; See more clear when giving first aid in dark place.
  • Survival blanket: Keep warm.
  • N95 respirator: After earthquake happens, there are lots of poison things in the air.
  • Adhesive plaster: with mix size, useful items in earthquake survival kit.
  • Compass: Know about the place and the direction.
  • Triangular bandage: the most useful bandage,can not lack.
  • Reflective raincoat: Let people know you in the rain.
  • Emergency card:Your name, address, family member,cellphone No,age, blood type, past sick history and so should be written on the card.
  • Cloth: no more words.
  • Tissue:no more words
  • Hammers: good for digging.
  • Water
  • Food

earthquake survival kitThat’s the items I can remember, maybe some more I do not mention. Since there are so many items you need to pack, so you need to put them tidily. You can buy a general camping first aid kit plus a survival gear. Packing a earthquake survival kit is the first step, then you need to know the first response after earthquake happens.

  • If you are in the house, run and hide inside the bed or desk ASAP, use pillow,bedding to cover your head.
  • If you are in the building, do not try to run out to the floor, time is not enough. Toilet, kitchen is the place to hide.
  • If you are in public place, do not run away, find some safe place to hide.
  • If you are in the street, stay far away from the building, poster board.
  • If you are buried in the ruins, try to clean the things over your stomach. Using towel or cloth to cover your mouth to avoid breathing poisoning things.
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Emergency disaster survival kit for earthquake

by on Sep.25, 2013, under earthquake survival kits

If you want to keep yourself save from earthquake and its drawback, you need to keep with an earthquake emergency disaster survival kit. When disasters occur, the best way is to keep yourself and your relatives safe from all the problems by using this earthquake survival kit. Several things like food and water must absolutely in this emergency kit.emergency disaster survival kitFlashlights, first aid supplies including ointments, creams, and bandages are also recommended in the emergency survival kit.FIRSTAR HEALTHCARE has a survival first aid kit FS-096, with necessary emergency supplies in it and enough space to stock other products, you can not miss this item. Visit to buy it.

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things needed to pack in thee arthquake survival kit

by on Jul.04, 2013, under earthquake survival kits

For your benefit and survival during earthquake, following things must be included in your earthquake survival kit:pet survival kit

  • Water:

You should keep water in your kit. One gallon water should be enough for the survival. You should keep water for 3 days survival.
Also your pets need water. You should Store water for them too.
Keep water inside plastic bottles.
Change water every six months.
Liquid bleach should be used to liquefy your water. You need to add 16 drops per gallon till 30 minutes. Process must be done again if the odor of bleach is not smelled.

  • Food:

The best choices are that which are ready to eat.
In food, you can also add dried fruits, peanut butter, crackers, granola bars that are high energy products.
For babies, formula supply must be added.
Keep food for yours pet as well.
Keep an eye on the expiry date so that food can be changed.

  • Protection:

You should keep with you polyethylene tarps. Most probably you will shift in your home but for a safer side you must keep things for shelter with you.
If rain occurs, so that water can also be saved for drinking purpose with the help of tarps.
You should make tent for your family in worst condition.
Plastic sheeting can also be used.

  • First Aid Kit:

You can buy survival kit online. Do not compromise on the price of survival kit.
The better the kit will be, the more useful that will be.
Also keep basic kit with you.
You can also take some courses so that you can treat at times of injury.

  • Special cleanliness & prescription:

Female supplies
Tooth brush and paste.
Keep Glasses that are of no use at home. Also keep Contact lens solution for emergency.

  • Gear and other equipment:

Flashlights, batteries must be included in your kit.
Lighter should also be kept along with other equipments.
550 par cord.
Duct tape.
An ax, a hand saw, or even a chain saw can also be included in your survival kit.
A big wrench to turn off the water and gas is also recommended.
A folding shovel is also suitable for keeping in the kit.
A good multi tool.
A manual can opener such as a P-38.
Disposable camera, Work gloves are also essential.
Paper plates, plastic utensils and other disposable feeding supplies.
Crowbar, Hammer & nails should also be included
Staple gun can also be useful in keeping.

  • Credentials:

You should also keep your important documents along with the kit. It can either be photocopied or original. The documents include: Wills, Insurance; home, life, auto, and medical, Passports, drivers license, and other recognition Bank account information, Credit card account information, Contact list, Family birth, death and marriage certificates should also be kept for safe side.

  • Cleanliness:

Toilet paper, Sanitary wipes, Rubber gloves, Face mask, Plastic garbage bags with ties, 5 gallon bucket with a lid, Liquid chlorine bleach, Poop bags to pick up after pets are all included in the sanitation that are essential to be kept in the kit.

  • Clothing and Sleeping gear:

Other than all the necessities, clothing is also important to keep. It includes Sturdy clothes shoes and boots, Rain poncho and Blankets or sleeping bags.

  • Miscellaneous:

If you feel bored and worried, you can keep cards with you for entertainment. You should also keep some money with you if credit cards don’t work.
This kit will be helpful for any other disasters either caused naturally or man made.survival kit

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The needs of an earthquake survival kit

by on Jul.03, 2013, under earthquake survival kits

Major natural disasters includes earthquake which can harm the whole city. This natural disaster is more common in third world countries or poor countries but nowadays even it is causing trouble in first world countries. In the United States, two cities are crushed by the disaster earthquake. These cities are San Francisco and Anchorage. This is not rare but the aftershocks are no doubt very terrible.

earthquake survival kit
If you are having an earthquake survival kit, so it will be very helpful for you at times if you face earthquake. You should keep yourself mentally prepared that what you can do at this situation. Few items are so common that every person would recommend keeping that in the earthquake survival kit, but few varies.

If your city faced earthquake, so obviously the water will be impure and not suitable for drinking purpose. For this reason you must keep in your kit iodine and water purification tablets that are helpful for you and your family to provide with pure drinking water. In this way you can keep yourself safe from damages.

Extra batteries and flashlights can also be kept in the earthquake survival kits. Try to include those flashlights in your kits that can be changed into lanterns.In your earthquake survival kit, you must keep whistle in it. This can be helpful if you find someone trapped so you can immediately call the rescuers for help. You need to also keep some gauze in your kit which can be helpful for cuts and injuries.These items must be present in your earthquake survival kit so that you can keep yourself and your family safe from any damage.


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